Puasa Date 2013 (When does Puasa Start / 1st Day of Puasa / Awal Ramadhan 2013)

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announcement http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2013/07/08/zramadan-fast-starts-wednesday.aspx

Based on the information provided by Jawatankuasa Teknikal Kalendar Islam, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia, the first day of Puasa for 2013 will fall on 10 July 2013. This date is still subjected to moon sighting and will be announced by the Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja Malaysia.

Puasa Ramadhan Month 2013

The Puasa Month for 2013 is likely to start on 10 July 2013 and end on 7 August 2013. Hari Raya Puasa is expected to fall on 8 August 2013.

Public Holidays during Puasa Month 2013

10 July 2013 (Wednesday) is a public holiday in Johor, Kedah dan Melaka to mark the start of Puasa (Awal Ramadhan). 13 July 2013 (Saturday) is a public holiday in Pulau Pinang to celebrate the Birthday of Governor for Penang. Lastly, Nuzul Al-Quran will be celebrated as public holiday in Kelantan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Penang, Selangor andTerengganu on 26 July 2013 (Friday). Other than that, there is no national level public holiday within the Puasa Ramadhan month.

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