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Charles asks…

Any good suggestion for Travel Package/Agency in Singapore even Malaysia to Pulau Redang ?

Hi ! I am planning to go Pulau Redang & Pulau Perhentian on May ’09. But the travel package introduced by my friends are exclude flight. Hoped that can get any travel package that is include flight.

Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:

You might want to try the websites listed at the source below. Alternatively, log into Malaysia’s tourism website.

Nancy asks…

What is the best way to get to Redang, Malaysia?

I will be coming from China, and I can fly through Singapore, KL, or Bangkok. What is the best way to get to Redang from any of those places?

Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:

Airrive at KLIA, visit KLCC first then take Airasia from LCCT to Pulau Redang.

Donald asks…

How much should I bring to redang?

How much money should i bring to redand? How many day should I stay? If I stay for 10 days is it too much?

Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:

I think 10 days is too much and you’ll end up to be boring later.
3 days 2 nights is fine. If you have like RM300 is okay but maybe you would want to bring some more because who knows you might want to shopping more. RM500 should be enough.

Sharon asks…

I want to stay in redang.Which hostel or hotel do you suggest?

I want to stay in redang.Which hostel or hotel do you suggest?

I need only a place to sleep,a clean place ,That’s all!

Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:

Redang does not have any backpacker accommodation. Most resort rack rates are over RM300/night, always quoted for two people staying together, but steep discounts are available if you book a package or visit in the off or shoulder seasons.


One budget option is the campground at Teluk Kelong, but even this is more of a mid-range affair with prebuilt tents with beds, toilet/shower, electricity, etc. From RM80/tent/night with full board, can be booked via travel agents.


Redang Pelangi Resort http://www.redangpelangi.com/
Wooden rooms with airconditioning and bathroom attached. Cozy and friendly staff to provide a home away from home services. Ideal for snorkelling and diving packages. Contact: +609 6242 158 or shkho[at]pc.jaring.my

Redang Lagoon Chalet http://www.redanglagoon.com/
Offers simple wooden rooms in traditional malay arhitecture with built in bathrooms and air-conditioning at RM100-150/night. Food can be bought at the canteen at ~RM10 for an all-you-can-eat buffet meal (halal food only)

Redang Bay Resort http://www.redangbay.com.my/
Reasonable rooms with air conditioning. It’s a bit like a Butlins resort, with announcements made on a speaker system. Mostly caters for package deal snorkeling trips for Malaysians. They fill boats with up to 30 snorkelers in life jackets. Food at the canteen is reasonable, though it offers no choice.

Ayu Mayang, Pasir Panjang, tel. +60-9-6248617, http://www.ayumayang.com.my/
A basic operation offering simple but functional chalets with air-con, hot water, 23.5-hour electricity and limited pest control. Rack rates from RM180/chalet with breakfast, rather overpriced for what you get.

Berjaya Redang Beach Resort, tel. +60-9-630-8866, http://www.berjayahotels-resorts.com/redangresort.htm
Located in Teluk Dalam Kecil, this Malaysian-style resort offers a wide range of recreation activities. Better rates available during non-peak season.

Coral Redang Island Resort, Pasir Panjang, tel. +60-9-6920110, http://www.coralredang.com.my/
A small 40-room operation offering comfortable beachside chalet accommodation with a pool. The perfect place for a quiet island getaway. Food is reasonable.

Laguna Redang Resort, Pasir Panjang, tel. +60-9-6977888, http://www.lagunaredang.com.my/
The largest and one of the newest of Redang’s resorts with 212 rooms, fairly pleasantly done in a pseudo-Thai style, and with good access to the beach. Rooms are set in large buildings and some are quite a distance from the beach. Pool, jacuzzi, three restaurants, Internet cafe. Can be quite noisy due to night activities. Rates from RM240/night.

Ken asks…

Should I visit Tioman, Redang or Sipadan, in Malaysia?

I am planning a holiday with my gf to one of these islands in Malaysia somewhere between Christmas and NewYear. Please share your experience and any comments/suggestions that you may have. Thanks =)

Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:

I suggest Sipadan coz Tioman and Redang will be jam packed with both local and foreign tourists. I’m not exactly sure how Sipadan will be during that season but considering it is much further away and not so easily accessible as compared to Redang and Tioman, you might be able to expect some privacy with your gf. And be caution though as the seas during these times are monstrous so you might want to ditch the swimming in the sea romance at these times. Have fun anyway.

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